Íslandsbók barnanna - Here is Iceland!

Margrét Tryggvadótir

Linda Ólafsdóttir

Forlagið (Iceland, 2016)

Other languages:
Here is Iceland?; English translation by María Helga Guðmundsdóttir.
Published by Forlagið (Iceland, 2017)

Islanda per giovani viaggiatori; Italian translation by Silvia Cosimini.
Published by Edizione italiana (Italy, 2019)

Islande racontée aux enfants; France translation by Rémy Martinache.
Published by Forlagið (Iceland, 2024)

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Every spring, over fifty species of migratory birds come to Iceland and lay their eggs in the mild and bright Arctic summer. In the winter snow covers the ground and Northern Lights light up the sky. In Here is Iceland you can read all about this volcanic island: its birds and mammals, mountains and shores, hot springs and geysers, people and culture – through spring, summer, fall and winter.

Here is Iceland! by Margrét Tryggvadóttir and Linda Ólafsdóttir was welcomed by Icelandic readers of all ages. The book was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award and received the Women’s Literary Award, the Reykjavík City Literary Award for illustrations, and the award of the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers.

Awards and nominations:
* IBBY Honour List 2018 (International Board of Books for Young Readers).
* Gold Award for illustration at the Iceland Association of Graphic Designers 2017.
* Best illustrated book at Reykjavík Children’s Literary Awards 2017.
* Women’s Literary Awards/Fjöruverðlaunin 2017.
* Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award in 2017.